People think differently

When two people see the same information they can interpret it differently. For example, a scientist will see the human embryo as a collection of cells while a Christian will see it as a living person. This happens because people think differently. People think differently because they process information through their unique realities. A person’s reality is a model of the world in their mind. They build it by learning facts about the world. They accept some information as facts through experience and intuition. These facts are not objective but they intuitively seem objective to the person who has accepted it. People think differently because the facts which build their realities are different. For example, some accept validity of science as a fact while others accept existence of god as a fact. Therefore, a scientist interprets the human embryo through science and a christian through god. People’s facts are different due of difference in experience. For example, a scientist who lives in the wild will intuitively settle the nature vs nurture debate in favour of nature. People’s facts are different due to difference in intuition. For example, young people accept norms while older people are skeptical of norms. People’s facts are different due to difference in acceptance of basic facts. For example, a Christian will see homosexuality as a disorder due to their acceptance of god. People don’t doubt their facts as it makes them uncomfortable. They use rationalization to conform contradictory information to their facts.

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