Seeking unhappiness

Most people don’t want to feel unhappiness. But sometimes they seek it for entertainment. They watch movies that make them feel sad. They relate to characters in the movie and feel real unhappiness. This unhappiness doesn’t last long. But they feel satisfied for feeling it. Some people adopt a lifestyle of unhappiness. They choose a life of being a victim. Victimhood allows them to feel unhappy without feeling responsible for it. They subconsciously sabotage themselves to become a victim. They always blame others for their unhappiness. They adopt a victim lifestyle only because it is familiar. They want to be happy but find it intimidating. They fear taking responsibility of themselves. The thought of trying to be happy and failing terrifies them. But they can change in the presence of selfless leadership. A leader takes responsibility for a victim. They provide a safety net. This safety net enables a victim to take risks without worrying about failure. After taking few risks, a victim realizes that a happy lifestyle is not difficult. Then they choose happiness over victimhood.

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