Lady Gaga vs Shahrukh Khan

I recently saw a video in which SRK interviewed Lady Gaga. It was difficult to watch. The power dynamic between the two was very apparent. SRK’s body language showed that he felt inferior to Gaga. This was expected as SRK is only an Indian celebrity while Gaga is an international icon. But why is SRK not an international star? Is Gaga an international star because she is “better” than SRK on some scale? Is she more talented than SRK? I don’t think so. Both of them are talented in their respective fields. Just that their fields massively differ in geographic spread. SRK caters to Indians and people who look up to Indians (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.). Gaga caters to Americans and people who look up to Americans (the whole world). An artist in India and US will have to put similar amounts of effort to get to the top. But once they reach the top, their payoffs are vastly different.

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