Morality for the Atheist

Most people enforce a moral code in their lives. Religious people get the moral code from religion. Atheists get it from the law. But some atheists have a personal moral code. For example, they will keep promises. The guilt of breaking promises makes them not want to do it. But not all atheists can enforce a moral code. Only atheists who are mentally strong can do it. Mental strength is the ability to behave rationally under pressure. Mentally weak atheists will lose rationality and morality under pressure. Mentally strong atheists will keep rationality and morality under pressure. So mentally strong atheists can enforce morality. Mental strength also helps them handle their misery without causing misery for others. That ability gives them the wisdom that selfishness is weakness. They learn that people become selfish because they are too weak to handle their misery. That wisdom makes them enforce a moral code of selflessness.

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