Why are narcissists successful?

Summary #

Narcissistic people are successful because they are idolized by society. Being disproportionately liked by society helps narcissists achieve more success than ordinary people.

Explanation #

Narcissists are people with abnormally high self-esteem. They think highly of themselves. They look down upon others. Most successful people in the modern world are narcissists. The success of narcissists is caused by the low self-esteem of the general population.

There has been a decline in the self-esteem of the general population in the modern world. It has made people chronically unassertive, unable to fend for themselves, and easily offended. Such people like narcissists. People with low self-esteem aspire to have high self-esteem. So they love the high self-esteem displayed by narcissists. They emotionally attach themselves to narcissists by idolizing them. They perceive an increase in their self-esteem due to the emotional attachment. This behavior of the general population makes narcissists popular in the modern world.

Narcissists’ popularity helps them achieve success in any field of work. Investors like them. So they are able to easily raise money for running a business. They do well in jobs as narcissism helps in office politics. They are better in sales and marketing as customers are charmed by them. They are better negotiators as they are better persuaders. They are better politicians as voters like narcissists’ assertiveness.

Despite all these advantages, it is not good to be a narcissist. Narcissists have high self-esteem. But they are highly fragile. Their high self-esteem is not based on reality. Narcissists are not that better than others as they think. They know this at some level in their minds. This makes them highly fragile. They are easily triggered and made insecure by failures and miseries of life. They don’t react well to challenges from other people. They don’t express their feelings to people as they fear people disliking them for it. They have difficulty forgiving and trusting people as they fear being perceived as weak. They don’t have good relationships. They live a life of loneliness and misery.

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