Human progress

Human race has immensely progressed in the last few centuries because of the scientific revolution. Living standards have improved manifold in just the last century. But a deeper look into this significant progress paints a different picture. Human productivity has improved but people still work as much as before. Diseases have been cured but new ones have appeared. Communication tools have improved but people still fight. Safety from predators and natural calamities have improved but people are still anxious. If a caveman from stone age came to live in today’s world, they will be happy to have easy access to food and shelter. But soon they will get used to modern life. Instead of worrying about food and shelter they start worrying about money and status. People always seem to discover new problems when old problems are solved. Modern life is as difficult as caveman life in spite of the progress in living standards. Scientific revolution has improved living standards but it has not reduced the difficulty of life. In a way, human race has not progressed at all.

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