I have heard rumors about a book of the same title, but I am not aware of any details. If such a book exists, I am sure that there is no relationship between it and my artist's name. In no way would I want to challenge the rights of such a book and/or its author.

I came up with the name several years ago by combining "death" as in "dead meat" and "works" as in "works of art". The reasoning behind this is quite simple. All life requires the death of other life. If we want to live, we have to kill plants and/or animals so that we may have food to eat. Death is therefore an integral part of our existence. Only once it embraces us, we will cease killing others.

In addition to that basic idea, we, the citizens of the First World Countries, bear an additional "guilt". We are rich beyond what we could possibly produce ourselves. Our luxurious life- style depends on our continued exploitation of the Third World. By "stealing" what little they have, we get rich and fat, effectively ruling the world woth a keen eye on our needs. Thus, our wealth is bought with their blood, and all of us enjoying computer games, big cars, great malls, and many other things have indirectly caused the death of thousands of people starving in the Third World.

The "works" part is mainly just a hint at the fact that only death allows life to be what it is. In addition, we humans are constantly working on perfecting the art of killing, both when dealing with each other and with other creatures. We certainly are the peak of evolution, being the only race that can destroy just about all life on our wretched planet within how much - 30 minutes? No creature has been as successful at controlling the circle of life and death, eat and be eaten. We truly are "works of art".