Deathworks' Link List

Since my expertise is rather limited, I have only few links yet. Knowing about my bias, I am trying to keep the C64/128 under control, but I am afraid they will still remain in the main faction. If you have any links you want to suggest, please contact me. If it deals with a machine I am not acquainted with, please give me some information, so that I know what to think of the link.

Hiermit distanziere ich mich ausdruecklich von allen moeglicherweise nicht gesetzkonformen Inhalten der angegebenen Links.


Arcsite This is a German site. However, it may be a good starting point while travelling through the net.


GO64!/Commodore World Magazine This is the homepage to one of our current magazines. Although originally German, it is also available in an English edition.

Maurice Randall Talks GEOS Maurice Randall is one of our most productive programmers today. He is the one bringing us "Wheels" (in effect GEOS 3.0) and "The Wave", a web browser for C64/C128 with SuperCPU.

The Fridge Visit this site for information about programming the machines.

The New Project 64 This site is dedicated to preserving documentation about our machine and its programs in electronic format.

Arts of Darkness This is a small scene game programming crew of which I am a member. I haven't had much impact yet, though.


CP/M Center This nice site provides you with a lot of information about what CP/M is all about. It should be a good starting point for travelling around.

Retrocomputing Archive This site hosts the Commercial CP/M Software Archive. CP/M has been lucky in a way that the current owners of DR seem to have released their hold on DR's CP/M software.


The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive Granted, this is a rather specialized case. This site features software dealing with computer usage and Japanese language. The software there includes programs for Amiga and MacIntosh.

Thangorodrim Nothing unites computer users more than gaming. Thangorodrim is dedicated to Angband and its variants. The game is for free and you can download its source code, in effect allowing you to create your own variants. Besides a lot of people with IBM compatibles, there are also those using Macs, Acorn computers, and Amigas to feel the adventure. And Thangorodrim is right, this game is really addictive :)