Computer Diversity

Welcome dear friend! This page is dedicated to all those who do not want to put up with everything, today's industry (read M$) wants us to believe. There has to be a "computer culture", and everyone should do his best to preserve it.

I have to apologize, though. I have just started developing this page. Thus, there is little there. In addition, my knowledge is terribly limited. The main machine for my normal paper work is my C128. I do have an Archimedes 3010, although I have to confess that I have yet to find time to really get into its details. For my internet work, I am using the IBM compatibles at my university since its for free and I tend to be broke most of the time. Beyond those, I have very little computer experience (some Apple during my days at school).

In spite of my shortcomings, I beg you to at least read my appeal. Even if I can't provide you with any information right now, I would appreciate it, if you could read it and consider its content. I believe that we have to give it a try.

For the more practical and/or optimistic, a visit to the links page might be inspiring.

Although developments are bound to be slow, I am still confident that there will be improvements over time. Thus, I have a change log to keep track of things.

If you have any comments about this homepage, if you find mistakes in it, or think that you have information I should put here, please feel free to contact me. Have fun!